The Best Hunting Arrows

Field and Stream discharged an article putting 14 bolts under serious scrutiny to figure out which ones should have been delegated the best chasing bolts.

The Test:

They first needed to figure out what made a chasing bolt better than others. Keeping it basic, they were searching for the most productive bolt shafts, permitting bows to augment the vitality they can send downrange, paying little mind to draw weight at a 40 yard separation.

The bolts were broken into weight classes (Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight). Following 3 days of bolts fighting it out between each other, there must be one champion in every class. So which bolts earned the privilege to wear the title belt? The outcomes are in…

Lightweight Champion (<420 grains)


The Stats:

Weight: 8.5 grains for every inch, 394 aggregate grains, as tried

Speed at Launch: 332.69 fps

Held Kinetic Energy: 85.97 percent

Held Momentum: 92.72 percent

The Gold Tip Velocity XT was said to have “grain-for-grain the most grounded punch out of some other bolt in the test” – F&S. This ended up being the most proficient rate bolt they tried and is flawlessly suited for toxophilite needing a level direction for more shots.

Middleweight Champion (425-450 grains)

Triumph VAP 1

The Stats:

Weight: 8.9 grains for every inch, 428 aggregate grains, as tried

Speed at Launch: 321.29 fps

Held Kinetic Energy: 87.12 percent

Held Momentum: 93.34 percent

Despite the fact that these bolts were the quickest in the middleweight class, they truly beat in their downrange execution hitting like shafts measuring 10-20 lbs. heavier. For most bowhunters, the VAP V1s ruled champion in the sweet-spot weight class.

Heavyweight Champion (>450 grains)

Carbon Express Pile Driver Pass Thru Extreme

The Stats:

Weight: 11.3 grains for every inch, 476 aggregate grains, as tried

Speed at Launch: 307.38 fps

Held Kinetic Energy: 88.13 percent

Held Momentum: 93.88 percent

The heavyweight sessions came down to the last round, decided at last by a split choice. It came down to the bolts via Carbon Express and Easton Full Metal Jacket. Carbon marginally pushed out Easton by gave the same punch while tipping the scales at 25 grains lighter.

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